The terms and conditions (T&Cs) and terms of engagement stated below apply to all services that are provided by the Yoga House. Upon registration to one of our courses, workshops or retreats the T&Cs will be made available to the person registering. Upon issuance the T&Cs will become an integral part of any contract entered unless any subjection to the content of such T&Cs or parts thereof will be stated ahead of the first lesson. In such case we reserve the right, to cancel the contract or refuse to enter into a contract in the first place.
1. Our offer

Yoga – if practiced correctly and continuously – has proven to enable the alignment of body, mind and soul. As such it can lead to increased levels of relaxation, reduction of stress and an optimized feeling of wellbeing. To reach these objectives however it is essential to gain the required techniques and skills specific to the exercises being practiced.

The Yoga House employs specially trained professionals, that will teach you to master such skills. This teaching is accomplished by offering courses and classes, which will be tailored to your individual needs.
2. Available courses and course duration

We offer – in addition to individual arrangements – the following courses in principle:

A trial class
Drop in classes, in case you pass by without prior registration
5 class pass
10 class pass
Subscription for 6 months
Subscription for 12 months

All classes take place at our studio between Mondays and Saturdays. Depending on which specific class you attend they run between 60, 75 and 90 minutes. Individually arranged classes can differ in duration. On bank holidays we do not offer any classes. Other periods over which no classes will be offered will be advertised in a timely manner to the participants.

3. Registration

Your registration will be submitted to us in writing using the Yoga House application form, which we happily send you by email upon request.

By way of Yoga House confirming your registration and the classes you selected, Yoga House and the signatory enter into a service contract which becomes legally binding. At this point your participation in the chosen course will be confirmed by Yoga House.

All courses have limits in relation to the people that can be accommodated in any given class to the benefit oft the course participants.
4. Physical and mental conditions to participate / conditions of liability

The practice of Yoga despite its intention are not free of risk depending on the physical and mental condition, ability and capacity of the course participant.

By way of your registration, you therefore explicitly declare to be in an appropriate and sufficient physical and mental state of mind to be deemed fit for course participation. You further confirm that you are currently not being treated by a doctor or physio therapist for any medical condition. If you have doubts about your ability to participate or currently being treated for a medical condition you should check with your doctor whether the practice of Yoga is advisable.

Yoga House is therefore not liable for any medical damages incurred to your body and mind throughout the practice, if those damages can be linked back to the participants negligence of disclosure in relation to existing medical or mental conditions.

Please note that every participant individually is responsible for her/his decision to participate in the courses that are being offered. Yoga House is therefore further not liable for any damages, injuries or future impacts on your health resulting from any participants actions taken on their own behalf. Yoga House does also not guarantee that personal objectives associated with the nature of the chosen course can be achieved at all times.

Finally, the use of our studio and its facilities comes at one’s own risk unless provided equipment was faulty and the cause of any damages incurred.

Yoga House is not liable for the loss or damage of personal belonging within its premises.

5. Conditions of payment

The current price list, in use and valid at the time of registration and available at the reception off the studio, acts as the applicable list of prices for reference.

Payment must be made for the chosen course ahead of the commencement of the class in cash or by way of transfer to the following accounts. IBAN: DE30 3704 0044 0608 0964 00 or IBAN DE34 3705 0198 1933 4588 02

Installment payments are not accepted, nor netting off the payment for a single class with the purchase of a multi class pass.

For payments in relation to workshops and retreats, participants must follow the payment terms as advertised in the corresponding registration form.

6. Purchase validity of the multi class passes and right to cancel

A 5 class pass is valid for 7 weeks and entitles the rightful owner to participate in all courses throughout such period without limits. The pass is not transferable without prior consent. A time extension beyond 7 weeks is not permitted without prior consent. Right of reimbursement of unused passes is not granted unless reasons for any unused classes are caused by Yoga House.

A 10 class pass is valid for 12 weeks and entitles the rightful owner to participate in all courses throughout such period without limits. The pass is not transferable without prior consent. A time extension beyond 12 weeks is not permitted without prior consent. Right of reimbursement of unused passes is not granted unless reasons for any unused classes are caused by Yoga House.

The 6/12 months subscription runs for a minimum of 6 to 12 months valid from the date of entering into the service contract and notice for termination needs to be given 30 days prior to termination of the subscription end date, to avoid automatic renewal of the contract. Such notice must be given in writing (email is not sufficient)

7. Changes of timetable, classes and prices

Yoga House reserves the right to change its prices when deemed necessary. Such changes do not affect courses for which payment has been made prior to such changes.

Further Yoga House reserves the right to change the timings and nature of the courses, in cases such as teaching professionals falling ill, as well as the right to cancel classes, due to low attendance for example. In such cases we will work with the participants to offer suitable alternatives.

8. Data privacy

All participants acknowledge and are aware that their personal data relevant to the management and administration of the studio will be stored electronically. All personal data will be treated with ultimate professional care, not used by third party and deleted upon termination of contract.

9. Yoga Studio

The studio must not be accessed with outdoor shoes etc. Matts, blankets and other equipment will be provided by the studio. Participants can bring their own equipment as long as it is fit for purpose.

Shoes, bags and outdoor clothing must be stored in the changing rooms provided. Mobile phones must be switched of. Consumption of food and beverages must be refrained from.

10. Applicable law, place of execution, court of jurisdiction

German law applies, place of execution is Yoga House Cologne. Place of jurisdiction is Cologne.
11. Invalidity of a provision contained in the T&Cs

In case one of the provisions set out in these T&Cs prove to be invalid, the validity of all remaining provisions shall remain unaffected in such case.

Cologne, 1st of October 2016