Hello again my wonderful yogis. This is a quick pre-summer info on the classes I will be teaching after the summer holidays:

Stretch & Strength (S&S) every Monday from 19:00 to 20:15

A yoga class focusing on stretching those areas that are typically tight (hips, hamstrings, quads) and strengthening areas like the core that are needed for stability in our active lives. Occasionally, we will blend strength and flexibility work using elastic resistance bands to deepen our practice.

Classes start on the 02.09.2019 until the 16.12.2019 (excluding the Autumn Holidays / Herbstferien, 14 & 21.10.2019)

Pricing: 14 classes x 75 min. = 196 €

Fit & Flex (F&F) every Wednesday from 19.00 to 20:00

The class itself will comprise of 45 minutes of high intensity training with a number of fitness techniques like body weight, cardio and balance, among others. Following this, participants will engage in 10-15 minutes of stretching. This challenging class promotes body awareness, increases fitness levels and encourages participants to have fun while exercising!

Classes start on the 04.09.2019 until the 18.12.2019 (excluding the Autumn Holidays / Herbstferien, 16 & 23.10.2019)

Pricing: 14 classes x 60 min = 182 €

Classes are small and limited to 8 people. Bookings will take place on a first come, first served basis. Should you be interested in registering email me on vivien@yoga-house.koeln or fill out the form under my page. Please note your spot is secured once payment for the 14 classes is made.

Looking forward to be practicing with you.
Wishing you all a beautiful and relaxing summer.