Our studio is a shoe-free space. Please leave your shoes outside the door before entering the studio.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class begins, allowing you enough time to get changed and find your spot in the studio.

In case you arrive late, please wait outside the room until your fellow Yogis have finished their mediation which takes place at the beginning of the class. We will let you in right after that to join the remainder of the class.

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you freedom of movement. All classes are conducted bare foot.

Please leave all your personal belongings and mobile phone in the changing area. Please make sure your phone is switched off or on silent mode. By doing so it will not to distract you or the class, during your practice, allowing you to really ‘switch off’!

Food and beverages
We kindly ask you to please refrain from bringing food and drinks other than water into the studio. Drinks and nuts are free and always available in our seating area.

Mutual respect
While almost certainly will we be having a laugh throughout our sessions at times, we would like to urge you to keep private conversations in-session at a minimum to manage the level of disturbance this might cause to your fellow Yogi friends. Prepare yourself for the class in silence, if possible, and accommodate the person next to you should she/he be in need of space.

Listen to yourself
Yoga is non- competitive. No one is here to judge you on how well you are doing. Please listen and be kind to yourself. Observe and respect your physical boundaries and follow the instructions of your teacher to the best of your abilities. We will only give you guidance and suggestions. No one knows your body better than yourself.

Should you have an injury or suffer from any other medical conditions please make sure we are aware of it before the class commences. We can always offer alterative poses or help you out with props fitting to your needs. If you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor prior to joining a class.

Eating before Yoga
Eating before and after yoga is a frequently asked question by most yoga practitioners. Yoga is not like any other exercise and is best done on an empty stomach. You will enjoy doing yoga if your stomach is empty. There should be interval of at least 2 hours between your last meal and yoga practice.

Personal Hygiene
Please be mindful of your personal hygiene for the benefit of yourself and others. Please refrain from using a strong perfume as there could be people allergic to certain ingredients.

Mats & Props
Mats and yoga props (blocks, belts, blankets) are provided for you to use at no extra cost. You may also bring your own mat and blanket should you wish to.

Last but not least…
As Woody Allen says: „Showing up is 80% of life”. Simply commiting to coming to class and getting on your mat is the most difficult step. Your yoga practice is truly your own special time to connect your body to your mind. Mindfully practicing yoga will help you leave your daily stress and routine behind open to embrace new experiences. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Yoga House.

„Yoga is not about being good at something it’s about being good to yourself.“